The future, the very sustainability of our industry relies on the new generations of talents which we must foster and support. They are bold, as ITS defines them, brave as I love to call them. They have visions and dreams and a whole world of creativity inside them – the only true magic inspiring fashion. Never stop daring, never stop imagining. Only the brave can make it.

Renzo Rosso

President, OTB

Light, transparency, color and movement are the key to the Swatch personality. They inspire our way of being, our product philosophy and our communication. They translate into a language infused with a sense of humor, subtle and positive provocation, powerful story-telling and a truly democratic openness to people and cultures. Swatch's personality and language find expression in our passion for artists and our belief in their ability to transform the world. With ITS ARTWORK 2018 we invite these young talents to blow us away: to tell us a bold story, make the incredible visible, explore multiple dimensions and translate their emotions into an artwork that makes us fall in love

Carlo Giordanetti

Creative Director SWATCH

ITS a dream. Dreams are extremely powerful and contagious. From dreams stem passion, which makes the most incredible things happen. When all this started, very few of us really believed that the dream of a passionate girl from Trieste to support young creative talents to bloom and emerge could become true, in a small city with a very different vocation. But today, here we are, against all odds: the dream is well & alive, and it became the dream of all the talents participating in the contest. The dream of winning and seeing their own creativity effort become alive in the collections of international brands and maisons. Most probably, to make ITS become what it is today in a big city like London, New York, Milan or Paris, would have required much broader resources. Maybe not even that would have helped to succeed, as competition is so tough that some similar activity could have frustrated the effort. Today ITS is an established and recognized global reality, a very unique project in the world of creativity and for the young talents who overlook the international scene. I wish continued and growing success to ITS, to the dream from which it was born and to all its so bold, almost incredible talents.

Andrea Illy

Chairman of illycaffé