Emma Chopova
Laura Lowena

Emma Chopova – American, Born 9th August 1991
Laura Lowena – British, Born 15th May 1991

OTB Award winners

Emma and Laura’s collection is based on the juxtaposition of Bulgarian traditional costumes and rock climbing in the Eighties. This stark contrast, providing an array of clashing elements, also unveils the echoing of vivid colour, metal decoration and strong graphic qualities between the two themes. They used antique Bulgarian fabrics and other found materials contrasting them with climbing hardware and synthetic fabrics to modernize the folklore. Synthetic fabrics combined with traditional ones are turned into pleated skirts, suspended off the body in different ways. They hang from harnesses, ropes or in layers from carabineers, forming several movable elements.

OTB Award

Emma and Laura represent a strong, modern and consistent approach to through a beautiful sense of color and shapes.