ITS is a platform that has been positioning our region Friuli Venezia Giulia at the center of a prestigious network of creativity and design for years. Also for the 2018 edition, focused on the intriguing theme of boldness, I wish the best outcome to this tried and tested event supported by the Region. The international reach will hopefully expand its beneficial - and most importantly long lasting - effects to the advantage of that production chain which carries a huge added value connected to Made in Italy. The stage granted by ITS is qualified to stand as a powerful engine to generate media attention towards the mosaic of cultural peculiarities of our territory. At the same time it drives innovation processes which are naturally produced by the inventiveness of fashion and design, spreading the effects over a wide array of companies.

Massimiliano Fedriga

President of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region

Innovation and creativity providing a space for new fashion talents in the unique setting of Trieste, this is ITS. The renowned international contest saw its birth in Trieste in 2002 during my former electoral mandate. I have personally always supported this event which I believe to be a heritage of our city, as well as proof that actual platforms for the growth and support of young talents come to life when public and private entities work together. Fashion is at the center of attention here, an incredibly competitive sector with a distinctive added value and standing as an ambassador of Made in Italy. The fact that the home of International Talent Support is in Trieste is further proof of the city's central position both on a european and international level. As a Town Hall, we work to strengthen this position and ITS is an important step towards this growth.

Roberto Dipiazza

Mayor of Trieste

It is a real pleasure to welcome the return of ITS and collaborate, together with others working to promote Italian fashion, for full enhancement of a competition that over the years has brought recognition to a large number of young fashion designers from all over the world. We have always admired the passion and competence of the ITS team, their ability to come into contact with schools and their farsightedness in selecting the best talents. Pitti Immagine organises fairs, sets up close relationships with thousands of companies, attracts the most qualified international buyers and produces communications. These are the tools that we, in turn, use to support these young designers and that we put at the disposal of ITS.

Raffaello Napoleone

CEO of Pitti Immagine

For Italian fashion, investing in young talents is quite simply a must. We are talking about the present here, not just the future, which at times becomes a pretext for procrastinating and putting off choices that should, on the other hand, be made quickly as well as boldly. Yes, because young talent must be nourished, promises must become reality. This does not always happen. We need to assimilate the principle of failure. Are we ready for this in Italy? Are the youngsters who will have to work hard and elaborate frustration aware of this? Are there businessmen out there who allow for this eventuality in their budgets, without missing out on the great opportunities offered? A serious project like ITS serves precisely for this purpose, to spread a new, more aware culture.

Riccardo Vannetti

Tutorship Director Pitti Immagine

Supporting young talents and new brands represents one of the pillars of our strategy at Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, together with sustainability and digitalization. This is why we join the mission of ITS and actively participate in this new edition with an award. All of the fashion players must get together to help projects that, while encouraging talent and creativity, build the future. My wish for all of the young designers is for them to be able to tell their personal and unique vision exactly as they have dreamed it.

Carlo Capasa

Chairman of Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana

The increasing consideration collected by creativity and the creative industry in the development strategies in Europe is derived from the knowledge that European competitiveness should be based on new factors, be more capable of breaking the rules and learn how to talk in a different language. It is crucial, in this context the opening to international talent, a source of creative ideas that can add innovation to our productive system projecting our manufacturing peculiarities and our stories of excellence.

Silvia Venturini Fendi

President AltaRoma