Be bold.

Be willing.

Be aware there is a place for you to express yourself, just as you are.

ITS cherishes diversity, welcomes new paths and new directions and craves to find beauty in the unordinary and in the extraordinary. This is the land where dreamers can safely sow the seeds of their creativity, knowing they will be nurtured and cared for.
We have fears, but we are not afraid. We will never give up fighting for your voice to be heard, in a very unique blend of friendship and love. Among the dozen or so different definitions of ITS, maybe this is it.

We are back, and today we are planting new seeds in the fertile land of the ITS Creative Archive, alongside the many hundreds that bloomed in  the past 15 editions. We will help them blossom as well. They represent the hope that grows in an ever-changing world of creativity, constructive madness and fulfilled dreams.

Tonight we are here together, and we seek the same vision. We pay tribute to all of the dreamers who believe in their ideas and never give up. Beauty is real, beauty is here and it is always a reason worth fighting for.

Be ready to fall, and then rise again. Just be bold, almost incredible.

Barbara Franchin

ITS Founder & Director