Mátyás Meichl
Abigail Wirth

Mátyás Meichl – Hungarian, Born 24th August 1981
Abigail Wirth – Hungarian, Born 15th May 1991


The Self Projection collection represents how digital social media oversimplifies human connections, often locking us up and blinding us in our own self projection. In this cold and isolated world we wear our friends like interchangeable images on a two-dimensional flat surface. Our sight and mind narrowed down by an artificial environment where we are surrounded by the same opinions as our own. “He is cute, is he your boyfriend?” We’re sure you heard this question before. “No” you reply, but there is much more to this than you can express in words. Is it not strange we have thousands of words describing colour but only a few to describe the intricacies of our relations with others? Luckily there are those rare occasions, those rare people who see “through the wall”, who see our true selves shining, shimmering in a myriad of colours, the tones and shades of our emotions and our feelings for others. Abigail and Mátyás are challenging you to be one of those rare people, to see through the wall and discover the colours behind.