Rui Zeng

Chinese, Born 16th September 1994


Lauren Deveney, a girl with Moebius Syndrome, is Rui’s muse for this collection (represented also by the pentagon-shaped “D” which is recurrent in his pieces). Her facial muscles paralysis deprives her of the ability to smile. She has not been able to make friends and socialize since then. Others might consider her as a retarded child, kind of not interested or absent for some reason. Rui wants to direct our attention to the crazy situation of people who underwent aggressive surgeries or have facial distortions which have diminished or cancelled their capacity to express emotion through their facial muscles. He also wants us to remember we should never forget to smile when we’re still able to. Our most attractive expression is smiling, when our orbicularis oris muscles (the complex of lip muscles surrounding the mouth) turn into a regular pentagon.