Tingting Zhang

Chinese, Born 7th October 1991

OTB Award winner

Cloudcuckoolanders are people with their heads constantly in “the cloud”. Innocently brave in being who they are. Now, our heads are in the icloud all the time but can we find a balance between the virtual me and the real me? iCloudcuckooland is a journey, exploring the possibility for Tingting to create headpieces that represent a connecting media merging both worlds, since hats often stand as a symbolic representation of identity. By building up a system that converts sound data into digital knitted patterns, she created a world and invited people to join. It’s neither offline nor online, it’s somewhere in between – or in combining – both worlds.

OTB Award

Tingting applies a clear, fun and innovative way to make accessories. She is able to provide a forward-thinking interpretation mixing the latest knitting techniques on shapes and colour combination.