Vicktoria Matsuka

Russian, Born 10th November 1994

Bold because she is smart, funny, ingenious, intriguing, romantic, provocative.
Incredible because she blends strong cultural references with a playful and sophisticated pure creative vision, able to transform and transcend by crafting and celebrating.
We love the surprise effect, the irony and the potentially hidden meaning, the cross-cultural language, the playfulness.
We look forward to falling in love with a story told through all of these elements, a game of divination and romance, a way to imagine the future, and a love story…

Finding a traditional Italian playing cards deck in a souvenir store in Florence, and immediately falling in love with it, made me not only get inspired by the illustrations and colours, but I’ve also had a desire to create something using cards as a material by itself. So here it is – a dress fully made out of playing cards and silver. This artwork celebrates handcraft that is not dead and old-fashioned, but quite the opposite – it is alive, fun and empowering.